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Kick Ass Does

Posted: Apr 14, 2010
Kick AssLast night I wanted to go see a light hearted comedy, something I didn't have to think about for some quick laughs.  It seemed a little childish, but we choose Kick Ass... Kid Super Heroes???  How silly could it get?

In this case, I was wrong about the movie, it was a rather dark comedy about kid super heroes, definitely not the light hearted 90 minutes I expected.  While the premise is a bit odd, awkwardness displayed by Aaron Johnson was perfect for the part.  I thought Nick Cage's Big Daddy was good although I thought it could have done without the Batman reference.  It was funny, but a little unneeded as the rest of the characters seemed very unique (although I can't claim to be a huge comic book buff).

If you miss this in the theater, I recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.  This is a nice dark comedy set on a rather odd premise.


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