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Alice In 3D

Posted: Apr 04, 2010
While I miss the dollar theater I used to go to back in Texas, Jenny convinced me to go to the movies today.  There wasn't much playing but the one thing that I wanted to see was Alice in Wonderland. I like Tim Burton's movies in general so I thought it would be worth it to spring for the 3D tickets.  That was of course before I realized that two 3D tickets would cost me $28.  Since I'm still used to the $1 per ticket price, there was a bit of sticker shock.  But I digress, as for the movie, it was pretty good.  I liked the idea that this isn't a remake, it instead is a sequel to the previous movies based on the book.  That being the premise, Burton was able to pull off a different story line with the same characters compared to what has been done before.

Visually, the movie was pretty impressive.  Perhaps not as breathtaking as Avatar, but very good none the less.  One thing that I could have done without though is the 3D.  In Avatar, I found some scenes very difficult to watch and although that occurred less with Alice, there were still some times where I found myself closing one eye to make it easier to see.  I think I'm done paying the extra for something that is just distracting.  The scene I remember being most impressive in 3D in both Avatar and Alice are the credits.  They looked really cool in 3D but I don't see the need to pay $3 or $4 just to see them.  I'll try 3D again in a couple of more years when they can improve the technology a bit more.


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