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Posted: Feb 15, 2010
Yesterday Jenny and I were out and stopped by a local restaurant for lunch.  It is obvious to me that we have now come to the time of Snowmageddon.  Why else would you have a sign like this on your patio?  As a native San Diegian, this is just not right.

After lunch we stopped by a nearby Home Depot.  While shoveling the never ending snow the last week, we broke the shaft on our steel reinforced snow shovel so we decided to pick up a new one.  The local grocery stores have been sold out for a while, but we figured that Home Depot may have gotten some new shovels in this weekend in preparation for the next round of snow next week.

Well, I was wrong, they didn't have any shovels but they did have a box of these upfront:

For those of you who want to see more of Snowmageddon, take a look at my photo album from the last week.


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