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R.I.P. Chargers

Posted: Jan 11, 2009
For my 30th Birthday (which isn't actually for a while) my kind brother bought Jenny and I two tickets to the Chargers vs. Steelers Playoff Game in Pittsburgh. Growing up in San Diego, we were both Chargers fans but after living in Pittsburgh for a couple of years, we have been warming up to the Steelers. For instance, last when I played Madden on my XBox, I played as the Chargers. This year played as the Steelers. So while the playoff game between the two of them is great it is also presents a dilemma.

As you can see we decided to root for the Chargers. The logic is pretty much that the Steelers have plenty of support here, but the Chargers, well they really need some support.

At the end of the game, we had some good news, out team won. The bad news, it was our new team. Go STEELERS!!! R.I.P. Chargers.

On a side note, since we are moving to the D.C. area in June and are planning on living in Maryland we reserve the right to root for Baltimore should the need arise next week.

Go A.F.C!!!


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