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A Brave Mother

Posted: Jan 27, 2009
This afternoon I was skimming the news on the web and I came across the story about the Set of Octuplets born in Los Angeles (on a side note, I just had to add Octuplets to my spell checker). Jenny and I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 when there is nothing else on so I did find this story a little intriguing.

Once I read the story, two things occurred to me.

1) I like the idea of naming the babies A-H. If we have multiples, I would rather name them in alphabetical order rather than rhyming names or names too similar. I hope the parents take the letters and expand them to full names.

2) It is a little scary to think the mother is going to breast feed ALL of the babies. I admire her for it, but that has got to be a daunting task. I wish her luck.


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