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Posted: Jan 08, 2008
NetworkSolutions ranks up there with the lowest of the low. Apparently they are now hijacking domains that are searched for on their site. They are stealing from their customers. Words can not express what I think of them (well they can, but not words I can use here).

Take a look at the WHOIS for this: suck-it-network-solutions.com

They own it. Someone searched for it on their site and they automatically bought it and are holding if hostage for $35 so you can't buy it from a trust worthy company like GoDaddy.com.

I think Network Solutions purposely makes it difficult to transfer names away from them too. They charge $35 for the EXACT SAME THING that GoDaddy.com charges $10 for. There is no need for this other than to steal from the general consumer. They offer worse service at a higher prices. I always recommended not shopping at these scum sucker's site, but now you should avoid their site unless you don't mind being stolen from.

At least I found a new hobby, go to their site and just search for as many names as you can type of things that don't make sense. Let them pay for useless registrations. Maybe that will get them to understand what idiots they are.


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