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While do have my own web server, I prefer to use Gmail for my email client rather than maintain my own.  However, I want to be able to switch mail services when ever I want, so I don't give out my Gmail address.  I have configured Gmail to send mail via my server.  This allows you to get rid of the "on behalf of" message that Gmail will add to out going messages if you send the mail through Google's servers.  This defeats the whole purpose of using your own server since now people will have your Gmail address and email you there.

I don't run an open relay, so there is a little more configuration to ensure safe communication.  

If you would like to have Gmail send email through your web server and not have that annoying "on behalf of", here is how to do it:

1) Click on Options in the Top Right corner

2) Select Settings

3) Click on the Accounts tab

4) Click Edit Info for the account you want to edit

5) Enter your name as you want it displayed

6) Select “Send through YOURDOMAINHERE SMTP server.
Enter your SMTP server (smtp.YOURDOMAINNAMEHERE.com).  
Select “Secured connection using SSL”
Enter Port 465

Your email will now be sent from Gmail through your server with no traces of Gmail for the average user.

It's been a while

Posted: Oct 15, 2013
I'll give you it has been a while since I posted anything here.  Well, I finally fixed the spam problem with the comments and integrated with Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn so I'll try to post some more on here.  Be sure to login and leave your thoughts as well.

iPad Printing

Posted: Apr 17, 2010
iPad Printer
In case you got home with your new iPad and then realized that you can't really do much with it, there is some hope.  Although Apple doesn't think you need to be able to print anything anymore (they are very forward thinking remember), HP has created a new all in one printer/scanner/copier that is compatible with the iPad.  While not officially supported by Apple, it is your best option for printing from your iPad.

Enjoy your iPad!!!


Posted: Feb 15, 2010
Yesterday Jenny and I were out and stopped by a local restaurant for lunch.  It is obvious to me that we have now come to the time of Snowmageddon.  Why else would you have a sign like this on your patio?  As a native San Diegian, this is just not right.

After lunch we stopped by a nearby Home Depot.  While shoveling the never ending snow the last week, we broke the shaft on our steel reinforced snow shovel so we decided to pick up a new one.  The local grocery stores have been sold out for a while, but we figured that Home Depot may have gotten some new shovels in this weekend in preparation for the next round of snow next week.

Well, I was wrong, they didn't have any shovels but they did have a box of these upfront:

For those of you who want to see more of Snowmageddon, take a look at my photo album from the last week.

Stout Ale is in the Bottles

Posted: Feb 13, 2010
As a Christmas present, Jenny got me a Home Brewing kit from Mr. Beer.  I had mentioned in the past that I wanted to brew some "Stout's Stout" mostly as a joke (since I don't really care for stouts) but underneath that joke, I really did want to try a home brew.  This kit was a great starter, it come with everything I needed and instructions on how not to screw it up.  To the right you can see some of bottled beverages that were produced.  Now we just a have a few more weeks to wait while the carbonation kicks in a then the Stout Ale will be ready for consumption.

Brewing is fun but what I really want to try is distilling.  I'm not sure if it is legal where I live but after I do some more home brewing, I think I'm going to look into that. Have you had any luck with home distilling?

We took pictures from the brewing a few weekends ago along with the bottling from today.

The Snowpocalypse Is Here

Posted: Feb 05, 2010
For those of you who haven't heard, the Snowpocalypse is upon us, we are supposed to get 20" to 30" of snow tonight.  And on top of that there is supposed to be lighting. 
This picture is from the Shopper Stopper we had last month but it should give you an idea of what is to come.  Being from San Diego originally, this is all a bit to absorb but it was nice to get kicked out of the office at 2 and told to go home.  I never got a snow day from school, so I'll take what I can get and enjoy it.

One plus side of this weekend is that I learned the term "snowtarded".  UrbanDictionary.com lists the definition as, "Those who have no clue how to drive/function in the snow" and there is no better way to describe the people out here in D.C.  This storm is bad, but it will be clear in a few days.  There is no need to buy up a month of supplies from the store like people seem to be doing.  These are the same idiots who don't realize you need to drive slower on snow regardless of teh speed limit.

I'm just going to try to stay home this weekend.

What does love really mean?

Posted: Jan 20, 2010
I'm not going to go into detail about ho much spare time I have, but yesterday I was reading a dictionary and came across an explanation of why we use the word "love" in tennis to describe zero points.

Although after a little more research this seems in doubt, what I read was that love is an Americanization of the French word "L'euf" meaning egg (which is what a 0 kin of looks like right?). 

Even if it didn't come from the French, people seem to agree it is from Americans mispronouncing the original (which is also perhaps Dutch).