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Tonight Jenny and went to go see Rob Schneider at the D.C. Improv.  So far everyone I told about we were going seemed rather unimpressed.  The comment I liked the most was that Rob Schneider was only good at making other people look funny.  While true he is good at that, he was great live.  He did a long set which was nice since he was who I was paying to see.  It took him a few minutes to warm up, but once he got going, he was really funny.  Totally worth the $25 for the ticket.

Beyond the comedy, the thing I remember is that he was really doing what people wanted.  Unlike some other comedians, he got up on stage and gave us the "You Can Doooo It" voice a few times along with several other of his more famous lines.  He has gt to be sick of those, but he gave us what we wanted.  He also told a great story about "You Can Do It" which you'll have to see him to hear, but in any case, he does a great Adam Sandler impression.

Another expected bonus was that after the show, he came out to the front of the house and signed autographs.   Although he was selling shirts that he would sign, I believe he was signing other things and talking to people for no charge.  For a guy who has been a celebrity for so long, it is nice to see that he remember who pays him.  BTW, he is really short.


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