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Stout Ale is in the Bottles

Posted: Feb 13, 2010
As a Christmas present, Jenny got me a Home Brewing kit from Mr. Beer.  I had mentioned in the past that I wanted to brew some "Stout's Stout" mostly as a joke (since I don't really care for stouts) but underneath that joke, I really did want to try a home brew.  This kit was a great starter, it come with everything I needed and instructions on how not to screw it up.  To the right you can see some of bottled beverages that were produced.  Now we just a have a few more weeks to wait while the carbonation kicks in a then the Stout Ale will be ready for consumption.

Brewing is fun but what I really want to try is distilling.  I'm not sure if it is legal where I live but after I do some more home brewing, I think I'm going to look into that. Have you had any luck with home distilling?

We took pictures from the brewing a few weekends ago along with the bottling from today.


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