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Photo Gallery Update

Posted: Jan 14, 2010
In April of last year, I migrated my Picasa based photo gallery to use Flickr instead.  I like the Flickr's API much better than the crap Google offers for Picasa.  In addition to the API Flickr offers unlimited storage of pictures for about the same price as a few GB of storage with Google (at the time at least).  I believe they have since lowered their prices so you can get unlimited storage with Flickr or 80 GB with Google.  If Google makes some enhancements to the API, I may end up switching back.

To the point, with nearly 70 photo albums, the Flickr API was a little too robust to use real time.  To get around this, wrote a small MySQL database to cache all the data I need locally (still hosting the pictures on Flickr).  This has greatly improved the load time of all the pages.  For instance, the main gallery page now loads in .4 seconds instead of the 20+ seconds it was taking before.  While the API had everything I want, not everything was in the right call, so I had to make several calls per page instead of just one large call to the API.  This really slowed things down.  Now I just call a single MySQL query (that still needs to be optimized).

I'm also taking the opportunity to clean up the accordion menu by switching from a one off script to a YUI based solution.  This change will allow me to do some additional expansions in the future to allow for more groupings and possibly some more display options.

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