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F-Bomb on SNL

Posted: Sep 27, 2009
Last night, I stayed up to watch the season premier of SNL (normally I DVR it and watch it on Sunday so I can fast forward through the crappy musical guests).  Over all the episode was a dud.  U2 sounded good (except for Bono who sounded terrible) and Megan Fox just isn't funny. 

However, there was one bit of excitement, one of the new cast members, Jenny Slate dropped the F-bomb during one of her sketches (a clip is embedded below until it gets yanked from YouTube).  On the positive side, the sketch wasn't very good so I'm not saddened by the fact we will probably never see it again.

There seems to be a lot of hubub on the net about this incident but I don't get it:

1) It aired at 12:40.  How many people watching this had never heard this word?  Were you really watching this with your six year old kid?  If so I would probably be more offended by Keenan Thompson's "Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Sheets"  that was disturbing.

2) Why is the F-Bomb bad but Freakin' ok?  Don't words just express an idea?  Isn't the idea and the meaning what is offensive, not just the sounds the mouth makes?  Sounds a bit ridiculous to get worked up over this.


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