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The New Matrix SUV?

Posted: Aug 03, 2009
Last night I flew into Texas and I had a pretty funny experience at the airport when I went to rent my car. Last week, as I was going out to get my car, I saw that Budget had a few Toyota Matrix-es. Since I'm considering buying a compact car in the next few months, I figured I'd request one. Imagine my shock when I was told that a Matrix isn't an economy car, not a compact, not a mid-size but that Budget considers the Matrix an "SUV".

If I were renting an SUV and I got a Matrix, I would be rather upset. For those who don't know what a Matrix is, think of it as a sporty version of a Corolla.

This is an SUV? The guy behind the counter had a hard time keeping a straight face when he told me. I just had to laugh, after all, he wasn't the idiot that came up with this classification.

So instead of a Matrix, I got a POS Chevy Cobalt. I would really like to be able to not call it a POS, but it is. For instance, the seat belt gets stuck behind the seat when the car is parked making it difficult to put on when you get in. I'm not sure what is wrong exactly, but the steering wheel it awkward to hold on to when you're driving (I think the bars from the center to the wheel are in weird locations). At least I know not to even waste my time test driving a Cobalt.


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