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I posts over the last few months I have mentioned converting some of my web sites to the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library. If you haven't looked at YUI, you should. In just a few minutes I was able to replace the the static blog entry calendar (seen to the left) with a dynamic calendar (on the bottom right) that allow users to scroll through all the months my site has been on line (about two years now).

This was done with the Calendar widget of YUI. It would be nice if there were a few more examples and perhaps comments in the documentation like PHP.net uses, but over all the documentation meets my needs (and there are some good examples to get you going).

Back to the point, YUI provides access to some really powerful widgets including drag and drop, auto-complete, tabs, and a rich text editor all with just a few lines of code. On one site I replaced four libraries that I had assembled from around the web with one call to the YUI libraries. I can also rest a little better knowing that my javascript is supported, maintained, and tested for all the major browsers (and will be moving forward based on the sites that use YUI).

I've heard about Google's Web Tool kit but I believe that is only for Java apps. It is nice that Yahoo realizes there are other languages besides Java and help you write your app in what ever language you want by giving you everything you need in JavaScript.


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