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I was a bit too young to see the original Terminator movie when it came out in 1984, but I remember seeing T2.  The second installment was pretty good, perhaps good enough to rival the original.  As for the third movie,I thought it was ok, although not up to the same standard James Cameron had set with the first two.

Being a fan of Christian Bale, I thought I would go see the new movie in the series, Terminator Salvation.  (Hooray for dollar movie night).

Well, there were some good parts but to me special effects can't make up for a bad story line (which too many gaping holes in it).  Perhaps McG should stick to music videos and lay off the feature movies.  It is interesting to see that even some of the actors agree the movie wasn't as good as it could have been.

I will take a minute to note that while some of the references to the past movies (such as the obligatory, "I'll be back") didn't do much for me and could have been left out, I appreciated the inclusion of Guns 'N Roses in homage to their contribution to T2.  It was also nice that the Governator isn't too full of himself and allowed his image to be used in the movie.

So if you find your self with nothing to do and a theater playing dollar movies, go for it, otherwise it can wait until it comes out on DVD.  No need to rush out to see this one.


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