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New Photo Gallery

Posted: Jul 31, 2009

Well after quite some time of talking about it, this week I finally finished my updated photo gallery based on Flickr instead of Picasa. There were two main reasons for the change:

  1. Better API - Google provides a well documented API, but I challenge you to build a site like Picasa with it... you can't. Google puts out an API to pretend like they are a benevolent ruler of the web, but in reality they are the great evil. Flickr's API seems to let you do what ever you want. I'm planning on expanding the gallery to use the geo tags in the photos (which are very easy to add on Flickr's site).
  2. Cheaper - Google uses a price per GB model for charging for space which is cheaper if you have only a small amount of pictures, but Yahoo charges a flat fee for unlimited bandwidth and storage. With Google I could have saved some money if I used "web quality" pictures, but if I upload the full quality pics, Flickr is MUCH, MUCH cheaper. Now I have a full backup of my pictures too.

Check out the new gallery and let me know what you think.


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