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The Funny Lee

Posted: Feb 27, 2009
To celebrate my birthday (a week late), Jenny took me to the Improv last night to see Bobby Lee. The host for the night was horrible so I was a bit concerned, but the featured act was ok. At least he was much better than the host.

Once Bobby got up on stage, it was non-stop laughter. He was hilarious. Although I've never been a fan of MadTV, it is obvious to see that he is one of the reasons it survived so long (although it was apparently canceled).

According to his MySpace page, Bobby is a year and half older than my brother and we all went to the same high school, so I need to check in with my bro to see if he remembers Mr. Lee.

Two weeks ago, we went to see John Heffron who was great, but Bobby was painfully funny. It really hurt after he was done, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Bobby Lee is playing again tonight and tomorrow in Pittsburgh. If you are in town, I highly recommend it.


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