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Funny Valentine

Posted: Feb 14, 2009
Although it may be a little atypical, for Valentines day I decided to take Jenny to the Improv in Pittsburgh. The Headliner was John Heffron. To be honest, I didn't know who he was but I figured if he was booked for Valentines day, it must be pretty ok.

The opening acts were pretty so-so and had me worried, but John was awesome. It was a great show, well worth the money. He has a great rhythm and great observational humor of married life. Jenny asked if he had a camera hidden in our house. Apparently he has had the same arguments with his wife that Jenny and I have had. (On a related note, a statement is not a good way to start a conversation and does not require a response.)

If you check out his web site you can download his latest album for free.

On the ironic side, Jenny told me recently that we would be celebrating my birthday a week late due to scheduling of what we were doing. Apperently she got tickets for us to see Bobby Lee at the Improv. That should be an OK show too. Especially since Bobby is apparently a fellow Titan; a fact I did not know until tonight.


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