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Too often I the justification for us being in Iraq as "We will fight the terrorists overseas so we do not have to face them here at home.".

Whether or not you believe that we are creating more terrorists than we are stopping (which is my belief), I'm not sure that we have the right to fight in some one else's country. I heard a great archived interview of Robert F. Kennedy's thoughts on the Vietnam War. ( You can read it here)

In the interview RFK said this:

[blockquote]"We are going in there, we're killing South Vietnamese, we're killing children, we're killing women, we're killing innocent people. Because we don't want to have war fought on American soil. Or because they are twelve thousand miles away and they might get to be eleven thousand miles away.

Our whole moral position changes it seems to me.

Do we have the right here in the United States to say we are going to kill tens of thousands of people, make millions of people as we have refuges, kill women and children as we have."[/blockquote]

Very intriguing to me. I believe we do have the right to defend ourselves. In WWII we were attacked by the Japanese and had every right to fight back. I believe we have the right (and obligation) to defend those who can not defend themselves (such as the Jews in Nazi occupied Europe in WWII). However, do we have the right to inflict misery and death on others to possibly protect ourselves?

Is an Iraqi life worth less than mine? I believe not. I believe we are all equals here on Earth and we all deserve the same respect. The waste of human life is almost inconceivable. While I admire the courage and bravery of the US fighting forces across the globe, I do not wish they would withdraw from Iraq immediately rather than kill one more innocent civilian trying to protect my freedoms.


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